Transcription Services

You would need to establish a working relationship with a transcription service first, to make sure that you were both happy with working together. This also helps you to establish with a greater degree of certainty how much transcription you may have each month. Suppose you anticipate having about ten hours of transcription recording online transcription services  every month. You would first work on a pay as you go basis with the transcription service, who may charge work in a variety of ways per line, per character, per key stroke, per page, per audio minute or per hour of time taken. At Penguin Transcription we charge per audio minute for digital recordings or per hour of time taken for analogue tapes.

However the time taken can vary depending on the quality of the recordings and a number of other factors see my other articles for more information on this so your transcription service will need to establish how long your recordings take on average. If your recordings are clear it will probably take about four hours to    transcription services   each hour of recording, so in this example you are looking at hours of work per month. Or if based on an audio minute basis youd be looking at hours of recording minutes of recording, so multiplied by the per audio minute rate. You would then sign a retainer agreement stating that you agree to pay that amount in advance each month, at a discounted rate agreed with your transcription service.

Some services will agree to carry over a small percentage of those hours to the following month if they are not all used, while others will require you to start afresh each month. Normally any extra hours you require, over and above the number stated in the retainer contract, are charged at the standard rate, which is why its so important to    online transcription  establish the amount youre going to need before going in to the retainer agreement. Retainer agreements will vary with different providers so, as with any contract, do check carefully and be prepared to negotiate for the right agreement for your organization.

Outsourcing transcription works for many reasons, but the nub of the matter is that although anyone can set themselves up as a transcriptionist, a good transcriptionist is    spanish transcription  much more than just someone who can type transcription is a specialised business. That is why if your administrative secretarial staff are not specially trained in transcription, or if they are simply overloaded, outsourcing can be the answer. What does a transcriptionist do A transcriptionist takes audio recordings, whether they be on tape or digitally recorded, and creates a typed transcript of the recording.

Such recordings may be dictation one person speaking, interviews one or two people being interviewed, focus groups a group of people under guided discussion, meeting recordings etc. Whats so special about that A    audio transcription  is more than just a typist because she is doing more than just typing whats on a written page. The transcriptionist has to understand the content of the recording in order to be able to punctuate it correctly and correctly spell homophones words that audio the same but are spelt differently.